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Corporate Culture

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The philosophy underlying our corporate culture: We are people-oriented, and we believe serving customers is a privilege.

The Spirit of our Enterprise: Ever upward through practical innovation

Our motto: What you want is what we deliver.

Incentive Policy:

After years of success and growth, we have promulgated an effective incentive policy:

Material incentives and non-material motivation are the twin pillars of our incentive policy.

Material Incentives:

  • Employee wages and benefits are to remain stable.
  • Employees are to have health insurance, old-age pensions, and insurance for work-related injury and for unemployment.
  • Employees should receive mid-year and annual bonuses based on company performance.
  • Employees should have time off for national legal holidays and for: annual leave, marital leave, funeral leave, work-related injury leave, maternity leave etc.
  • Project progress and awards will be announced monthly to recognize excellence in technology, quality, production, service, and management innovation.
  • One of the new benefits will be to organize a corporate travel opportunity (in and out of the province) once a year.
  • A bonus will be paid to the employee on his birthday.
  • Moon cake money and related will help employees to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival.
  • Graduates can claim home leave (as stipulated in the company policy manual).
  • Employees will be encouraged to use their professional titles. Title subsidies (RMB100 ~ 500) will be given.

Non-material Motivation:

  • Honor certificates, bonuses, and medals will be awarded to those employees whose work is outstanding.
  • Outdoor activities for all employees will take place every year such as funny sport day, three basketball match, competitive sport day, and ball games.
  • To enrich the lives of employees, many teams and activities have been established such as a band, a basketball team, a badminton team, a table tennis team, and an editorial office.
  • An editorial office has been formed, and the Chen De Post is published regularly.
  • A complete training system has been established for employees such as new staff training, pre-job training, on-the-job training, outsource training, special training, domestic study, and study abroad. In addition, self-learning is highly encouraged.
  • A “graduate communication system” has been formed as a platform for graduates to show their talent.
  • Fete activities are held on festival days with generous gifts distributed.