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Quality Management

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Quality Policy:
  • Excellent products, with fast and considerate service
  • Ever upward, through continuous improvement
  • Sincere service for the customer, with consistent quality
Quality Objectives:

New machine 3-month repair rate and failure rate in warranty period to be near zero, so as to support complete customer satisfaction

Create a Culture of Quality

A culture of quality is central to Chen De’s enterprise culture. It is the ideal that all team members strive to meet. With its unwavering commitment to product quality, Chen De maintains an intense focus on the manufacturing of professional injection molding machines of the first rank. Leadership from our founder, the prominent Hong Kong entrepreneur Chen Jiang, emphasizes the importance of satisfying our customers’ needs from the moment of first contact to the time when the customer returns to buy more machines from us.

  • Guidance from Dr. Jiang: What you need is what we deliver.
  • The pursuit of quality: Get things done right the first time.
  • Core of our culture: improve continuously, while paying close attention to the customer at present and in the future.
Quality Management System

An ISO9001 quality management system was established and certified in 1997. The essential components were, and remain: plan & standardize the whole management flow and keep effective control of production forecasts, product design, material purchase, supplier selection, production process, quality check, and packaging. In addition, integrate the system into quality, safety, and environmental management.

Measurement & Testing

We are committed to precise specifications and rigorous testing. Embedded in the manufacturing process we have a metrology section, a physicochemical section, a material analysis laboratory, and a machine testing room, all supported by ultraviolet photometers, hydraulic testing equipment, sound meters, mechanics, and hydraulic and electric testing equipment.

Product Quality Check & Control

The quality department has implemented a complete quality check from the time raw material is delivered to the factory to the moment machines are ready to deliver. All machines are tested under dry cycle and loading to make sure the product is stable and reliable.