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There are more than 1000 team members in our company. Most of them are young and high-energy. Approximately 85% are only 25~35 years old, 38.3% have graduated from college or university, and 15% are working in R&D or management. Among those working in R&D and management, 90% hold university degrees. A human resource management system has been established for personnel selection, designation, training, assessment, encouragement, and when necessary, dismissal.

Personnel Selection

Our company keeps in contact with the broad market for talent, including colleges, universities, and research institutes wherever they may be located. We also contact and employ talent via the Internet and at on-campus job fairs. In addition, we allow team members to take turns working interdepartmentally. Interdisciplinary talents can emerge as those who have technical knowledge become familiar with the over-all company work flow and also understand modern management after benefiting from the interdepartmental training experience.

Employment without Artificial Limitations

Promotion is considered in light of the employee's working capability and contribution to the company, and is not limited by location, language, education level, experience, or age. The salary of a key position at Chen De is normally higher than what other companies are paying. All these factors help to form strong management and strong technical teams in our company.

Sustainable Training

A training system has been in place for years. Training budgets are set each year and depend on the company’s development direction and departmental training requirements for the year in question. All pre-work training, on-the-job training, task-specific training, interaction between companies, and oversea visits are planned and implemented at the departmental level.

Systematic Performance Review:

Besides basic project completion reviews, which are carried out monthly, there are reviews to assess the working performance of each team member twice a year (in the middle of the year and at the end). The result will be used to determine year-end bonus, salary review, and promotion.

Incentive Policy:

Material incentives and non-material motivation is the policy we have pursued consistently. Recognition awards, travel allowances, consolation payments, bonuses and/or higher salaries will be given to those who have had good ideas or who have made useful suggestions respecting innovation or improvements to company practices. Consistent outstanding on-the-job performance will also be rewarded.

Dismissal for Cause

Employees who fail two reviews consecutively or do not fulfill job requirements or who make serious mistakes and are unrepentant will be dismissed without hesitation.