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Service promise

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The company's technical support group provides the following services:

Pre-Sale Guarantees

  • We respond to customer enquiries to make sure the customer is fully informed about plastics, plastic extrusion machinery, molds, etc.
  • We help the customer select the right machine and auxiliary equipment for the purpose intended.
  • We offer our customers constructive opinions for machine setting, installation, mold-making, selecting plastics, etc.

Services during the Sale

  • We fine-tune the machine to produce the exact product the consumer wants.
  • We offer an on-site explanation of plastics, machines, and molds and their relationship to one another. In addition, we provide basic operation and maintenance instructions for our customers.

After-Sale Services

  • Provide optimum craft parameters for various kinds of molds
  • Provide reasonable suggestions on the improvement of machines and molds
  • Provide technical training personnel for our customers
  • Provide solutions for various after-sale problems

Service Guarantees

Five Freebies: Free enquiry, free installation and debugging, free maintenance, free design for electricity, and free water setting.

Four Optimizations:Standardization, specialization, networking, and speed.

Two Promises:Attention Now, Attention in the Future.